Family Day

We had a great family day today – the kind you imagine having.  We took the kids to the local public pool which offers both rich diversity and a favorite family pastime:  swimming.  There is a playground right next to it and a family friendly restaurant on the way home where this family of mine had a harmonious dinner.  We then came home, had some ice cream and went out to play in the neighborhood playground for a bit before bedtime.   On the way from bath to bedroom LM said, “This was the best day ever, right mom?”  Ringing endorsement from a harsh critic, my friends.  A harsh critic.

To end the evening LM sang me a song (in the vein of “Frances” – if you haven’t read those books, please give them a try.  They are wonderful) and I leave you with her words:

People are both nice and mean


Nice and mean, mean and nice

And you never know who is going to be what

Nice and mean, mean and nice

And this is where your eyebrow is (complete with a gentle stroke to my eyebrow)

Good night, everyone, and have a good week.


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