More on Food

How have your views on food and healthy eating changed since your little ones came along?

I used to never cook. The most I did was put things in the oven. Before I met Daddykush, I distinctly remembered picking up a box of instant something and putting it back down because it required boiling water. I actually didn’t know how to boil water and thought it was too complicated to learn. When we were dating, I proudly told Daddykush I could make rice pilaf. To his dismay, I picked up a box instant rice pilaf and told him I could cook that.  Even that was huge progress for me.

Getting married helped a little in the cooking and food department as I didn’t want us to be eating out all the time and I wanted us to be healthy. I started looking at recipes and finding the easiest recipes like baking chicken, stir frying vegetables…etc. Since Lemon Cake has come along, I cook all the time now (to my parents’ amazement). I am not an amazing cook and I don’t do multiple ingredients. My goal for a meal is a carbohydrate, a vegetable and a protein. It also has to be easy and most prep work can be done ahead of time. Last night, it was baked mochi (10 minutes in oven), cut up yellow peppers, microwavable earth’s best chicken nuggets and frozen peas. Sometimes it might be more elaborate like pork tenderloin, baked brussel sprouts and pasta or rice. Sometimes it is a weird combination like stir fry tofu, tater tots and asparagus. Of course Lemon Cake’s favorite is tater tots with loads of ketchup. Lunch is usually left over or an easier version of dinner. I still feel like I am constantly running out of ideas for snack or meals. We also have the limitation of certain foods in this household. Lemon Cake cannot have any nuts, hummus or salmon so that puts some limitation to food options. However, I recently discovered he is not allergic to coconut (coconut is a fruit and a nut) so that opened up a few options for us.

Baby Banana is certainly exposed to certain foods much earlier than Lemon Cake. She has had ice cream, cake, cookies, French fries at the tender age of eighteen months. Lemon Cake has only had a few bites of ice cream when he was around the same age.

I try as hard as I can to go by Ellyn Satter’s guidance:

“You can’t control or dictate the quantity of food your child eats, and you shouldn’t try. You also can’t control or dictate the kind of body your child develops, and you shouldn’t try. What you can do, and it is a great deal, is set things up for your child so she, herself, can regulate her food intake as well as possible, and so she can develop a healthy body that is constitutionally right for her.”

If you have any easy and relatively healthy recipes that you kids love or snack ideas, please feel free to share!


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