Ways I Wish I Were More Like My Daughter

My daughter came bounding into our room this morning at 7 am, woke us up from a dead sleep, and asked Hubby to help her get some supplies from my craft room.  “Oooh, Daddy!  Make a project with me!”  To which Hubby said, “I can’t go from asleep straight to art project sweetie.  You have to give me a minute.”   Then Hubby and I both commented that we wish we had her energy.  But my daughter’s limitless energy is not the only trait she has that I am envious of….

She gets crazy excited about eating an apple or a plum.  I wish I got that worked up about fruit.

She skips everywhere.  When is the last time you tried skipping?  It’s really fun.

She makes instant friends.  If she sees another girl around her age, Kiki will walk up to her and say, “what’s your name?  It’s nice to meet you.  I’m Kiki.  Want to be friends?”  Sometimes she won’t even say anything.  She’ll just go up to a new girl and try to hold her hand.

She can be a smart ass and people think it’s cute.  Recently Hubby, Kiki, and I were canoeing and as we passed a canoe with 4 college girls trying to coordinate their rowing, Kiki shouted out “see ya slowpokes!”  And everybody laughed.

She has incredible hearing.  The other day Kiki was across the house in Hubby’s office when I knocked a quarter off the table.  The coin hadn’t even stopped wobbling on the hardwood floor when Kiki ran into room and said, “was that money?” Kiki is a bit obsessed with collecting coins for her piggy bank.  For some reason though, her crazy bat hearing doesn’t seem to be working when I ask her to put away her toys.  Go figure.

She has a memory like a steel trap.  If you read a page wrong in one of her books, she’ll let you know.  “Uh, Mommy it’s ‘I got very upset’ not ‘I got upset.’ You got it wrong.”  How dare I skip a word in Pinkalicious.

She is extremely confident.  They have swim belts at the Y that kids can wear to help them float.  When Kiki put one of these on and discovered that she could now swim independently, she lit up and shouted out, “I’m the best swimmer in the world!!!!”

She sings everything.  I’m huunngrry and I want somethiiiinnnng to eeeeeat.  Some graaaaaapes would be soooooo neeeeeeeat!

Oh wait, I tottttttalllllly do that last onnnnnnnnne.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Ways I Wish I Were More Like My Daughter

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