boob or bottle? who cares. i support you!

Boob or bottle?

Most men will respond “both please”…most women (ok, and most dads) will realize the controversy lurking within the question.  

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, happen to be a parent, or even just know a parent, you probably realize at least one thing is true about parenthood and mommyhood. It is hard. Awesome but hard. Sure, we all have those glorious times where the day goes well, the diapers don’t leak, the baby doesn’t face plant and the coffee doesn’t spill down your top. But then there are the other days filled with fatigue, balancing multiple priorities, playing the ‘why-is-baby-upset/not eating/not sleeping’ guessing games. I could go on.

Don’t worry, I won’t.

But it is due to these parental stresses that makes me so grateful to hear about a sentiment that seems to be spreading. I read this article on the Huffington Post last night: I Support You: The Conversation We Should Be Having About Breastfeeding And Formula by Lisa Belkin. It is a very short and great article so go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.

As Lisa and others clearly state, every mom/parent makes different choices for different reasons but each of us wants the same thing – what is best for our children. Nurturing our children is critical, how we do it…not so much. So let’s all give each other a break and remember that every choice is the right one, even when it is different than our own. There are some pretty cute photos of moms declaring their support and I love the message.

To share a bit about my own journey….with all the chaos of our first months with Rose the one and ONLY thing that seemed to go smoothly was nursing. She latched within 10 minutes of being born and has always eaten well. I’ve never had an issue, pain, or discomfort. So I’ll admit that when I was sure I was messing up everything else, I felt a sense of comfort and satisfaction that breastfeeding was going smoothly and I could just whip it out instead of tinkering with formula powder and warming contraptions. We are now in month 8 and she is *finally* occasionally taking a bottle but we are all good. Obviously, what works for me, wouldn’t necessary work  for others. I support that.

So wherever you stand on the breast/bottle discussion, consider joining me in making this pledge:

We are standing together, and we’re asking you to stand up with us. You, at the La Leche League meeting. You, in the lactation consultant’s office, perfecting your newborn’s latch. You, in the Nordstrom’s dressing room, nursing quietly on the couch. You, at your older son’s baseball game, nursing openly in the bleachers. You, who have cried rivers of tears over your feeding choices, and you, who chose without fear.

I support you.

 You, in your hospital gown, asking the nurses for formula. You, shaking a bottle with one arm while your baby snuggles close in the other. You, who have researched the healthiest, most tummy-friendly formulas. You, who pump and mix and combo-feed. You, who have cried rivers of tears over your feeding choices, and you, who chose without fear.

I support you.

You, with your partner, as you feed the baby that you are hoping to adopt. You, who had a mastectomy and are locking eyes with new life. You, who chose your mental health, or your physical health, or your freedom, or your lack of freedom, so that you could feed your baby in a way that protected both of you. You, the Daddy who is finger-feeding your infant. You, the Mommy who lovingly pours formula into a G-Tube. You, at the NICU, pumping your breasts by the light of the machines that are keeping your baby alive. You, with the foster child who you are loving back to health. We see you. You are a part of this conversation too.

We support you.

MumsySus Supports YOU!



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