So, we had another really amazing day.  We spent it at Tanglewood thanks to free tickets from a good friend who performs there during the summer.  As I’ve mentioned before, LM and I have these very intimate moments where I have tingles, and I’m moved to tears.  It’s pure love; it really is.  These moments can be few and far between and occur less often than they used to (pre-LMJ?) but today we had one when we were at the “Watch and Play” provided by Tanglewood where legit, professional, BSO musicians teach and play for your child.  She connected with the music in a way I understand.  She has rhythm.  She feels the rhythm and the mood of the music in a way I found very moving.  She genuinely enjoyed music from a flute, bassoon, violin and cello.  But it didn’t end there.

Another favorite activity of LM’s today was tree-climbing.  There were accessible climbing trees all around the grounds and climb them she did, for hours.  It was awesome and really fun to do with her.

Granted, she ate nothing but artificial colors, flavors and sugar today and we had the WORST DRIVE HOME EVER consisting of, but not limited to, fussing, crying, unbelievable traffic, HAIL, and a stop from the cops less than a mile from home because our new insurance messed up and didn’t notify the RMV so we’re basically driving without insurance (not really, but according to this cop who pulled us over).

All in all, I would still say we had an amazing day and would love to go back next summer.  That’s how good it was to outweigh that drive home.  We are in a good family phase and it feels oh so good.

Oh, and not to forget, LM grew out of her egg allergy!!!!!!!  We’ve known this for one week and she has gotten a big cookie, brownies, a donut and a cupcake.  Overboard much?


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