Lemon Cake’s “small legos”

Lemon Cake’s current obsession is small legos. We call them small legos because they are not duplos, which would be the big legos. He was exposed to small legos when he switched to a bigger preschool back in February with older children. The school has a big container of small legos and the children were using them to build all the time. It was one of the reasons he liked going to school so much. Every day he came home from school he would ask if I would buy him small legos. The only reason I said no was my concern that Baby Banana would swallow the tiny tiny pieces.

Finally I caved. I implemented a system that all small legos have to be on the dining room table and he has to be vigilant about pieces falling on the floor and picking them up right away. I have of course also found Baby Banana on numerous occasions climbing onto the dining room chair and putting many pieces of small legos into her mouth. Since then, he has been building with small legos every single day. We brought him “lego city” ones which are police cars, get away cars and fire trucks, and also “ninjago” which are robots, attack stations, ninjas…etc. We even brought a container of it to Storyland with us to keep him preoccupied in the hotel room so it’s not just television every second.

I love that he loves small legos and he is actually very very good at it. He loves making his own creation. With some help, he is also more or less able to following the step by step instructions to build a car or truck. Sometimes it could be frustrating because I am not up for finding tiny lego pieces at 6 in the morning or when Baby Banana also needs my attention. However, when it is the right time (Baby Banana napping or Daddykush is around), one of my favorite activities is to just sit next to him for as long as he wants and build together.

What is your child’s favorite toy or hobby?


5 thoughts on “Lemon Cake’s “small legos”

  1. Kiki’s favorite toys are definitely her various plastic figurines. Mickey and friends, Disney fairies, whatever. We always bring a stash when we travel too.

  2. Thank you- I am trying to find a better way to store/organize them. Right now we just use tupperware/shoe boxes but it’s a pain to find pieces.

  3. Lemon Cake is doing more pretend play than before but still not really into figurines haha- I am sure some is gender related

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