A Day in My Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom

“Moms can research it.  She’s got lots of free time.”  This was something one of my friends’ husbands said about me when we were trying to plan a group outing.  His wife punched him, Hubby raised his eyebrows and backed away, and I chuckled condescendingly.   He must have thought that i sat on the couch reading entertainment magazines all day while my daughter took care of herself   My friend quickly tried to backpedal and is still apologizing for his comment 3 years later.

I wasn’t too offended though.  He didn’t have kids yet and he honestly didn’t know what I did all day.  Before I chose to be home with my daughter I wondered what exactly my days would be like as a stay-at-home mom.  When Kiki was a baby, it was a lot of walks, tummy time, and hours upon hours spent trying to get her to nap.

Now that she’s older our days our different.  We stay super busy.  If you have ever wondered what a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom to a preschooler entailed, let me give you an example.  Here’s what I did on Tuesday.

7:30 Kiki wakes up and asks me to make her stuffed animals talk while I brush my teeth and put in my contacts

8:00 Eat breakfast

8:30 I do the dishes and clean up the kitchen while Kiki makes her fairies fly.  I have to stop in the middle of the dishes to read her a story on the potty.

9:00  Kiki helps me bring the laundry downstairs and somewhat helps me sort it and start a load

9:30 We head to the gym where Kiki plays in the babysitting room while I exercise and then shower

11:00 We go by the grocery store to pick up a few things

11:30  Go home and eat lunch and fold some laundry

12:30  I clean up from lunch and then I pack up snacks, sunscreen, and pool supplies

1:00 Kiki and I attend an outdoor kids’ concert in the park with a bunch of our friends.  I enjoy watching Kiki and her friends dance and sing along with the band.

2:30 Kiki and I head to the pool near our house.  We take our suits into the locker room and I try to get her changed and sunscreened while she goes in and out of every single open dressing room.

2:45 Kiki plays in the wading pool while I sit on the side

3:15 Kiki is shivering because the water is so cold and says she wants to go home

3:30  We get home and I put Kiki in the shower to wash all the chlorine off of her.  Then I get her a snack.

4:00  I let Kiki have an hour of tv time while I get dinner ready, fold more laundry, and check my email

5:00 We convince Hubby to come downstairs from his home office for an early dinner

6:00 After cleaning up from dinner, we get out Kiki’s balance bike and we take a family walk/bike ride to the playground down the street

6:15 Get to the playground and Kiki insists that Hubby and I join her for “family swinging” and “family sliding” and so on until, thankfully, a friend of Kiki’s from our neighborhood shows up at the playground and she starts playing with him.

7:00 We head home.  Kiki decides she’s tired so Hubby carries her bike and I give her a piggyback ride for most of the walk home.  She’s 42 pounds, so this is exhausting.

7:15 Bath, brush teeth, pjs, in bed

7:30 Hubby reads her stories and sings her songs while I fold more laundry and then take a shower.

8:00 Kiki is asleep.  Hubby and I lay down in our bed to watch a movie.

Phew.  It’s a busy life.  It’s a fun life.  It’s my life.


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