Safety Boot Camp: Reporting for Duty!

Our house resembles boot camp these days with little Ms. Rose perfecting her ‘combat crawl’ and scooting across the floor like a mini Private Benjamin.  That’s right, a Goldie Hawn reference. You love it.

Her combat crawl is surprisingly effective and she seems to be getting faster each day. She does dabble in getting on all fours and is still just rocking in that position before gracefully sliding onto her belly and elbowing herself towards the toy, wooden block, piece of lint under the sofa…

Clearly this is exciting to us, our little baby is moving. It also means we need to go on lock down. NOW. Given this is our first baby, we still have pools of apple cords in every corner, glass decor on low shelves and habits of putting piles of coins, hard candy and other death traps on the coffee table. So clearly it is the parents that need to take a cue from Rose and go to boot camp. Safety Boot Camp. It is time to get serious about baby-proofing our house. I purchased a selection of baby gates, outlet covers, door jam blockers, cabinet locks, and door handle locks. This weekend we’ll install some and decide what we like and what else we need to buy.

We’ll do our best but I’m sure we’ll make mistakes with even this step in the process. So I look to you loyal reader. Any suggestions for baby proofing tips or tricks? Any favorite products or techniques we should know about? Any tales of caution or funny stories to share?

We appreciate your input. In the meantime, we’ll be duct taping our child to the wall for safe keeping.



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