The Oddball Roundup

An Update on our little Oddity.

We all think our spawn are miraculous creatures, unique and wonderful. And they are. But some of us have babies who are also little weirdos…which makes it all even more fun and wondrous, right? Here are a few products that help to paint the picture of our little oddball.

1. Toddler Training Cup: Our homegirl is 7 months old. This cup far exceeds her age level but girl wouldn’t take a bottle and looked at our tervis tumblers like a dehydrated desert dweller. So we started giving her water from a cup and now this is her go-to. weird, right?

2. Baby Blankie. She is attached to a sweet little patch of muslin cloth with satin trim. Normal right? Well this baby loves her blankie (normal) but plays with it by putting it over her face and kicking her face and arms around like a spaz. At first it scared us but now it just elicits eye rolls.

3. Baby Walker: This sleek little walker is where Rose camps out when digesting food (i.e. needs to be upright) and Mom needs to do the dishes. While we regularly adorn the tray with awesome things like suction toys and fun stacking cups. What do you think Rose likes to do in the walker? Chew the side. Often. We are so proud…

4. Tags: Most babies likes tags so that part isn’t that interesting. But after realizing that Rose was starting to outgrow many of her toys, I picked up a few new interesting ones and was so excited for our first play session to introduce her to them all. Of COURSE she was not interested in any of them but boy oh boy was the tag on her diaper changing mat the most fascinating thing and she played with it for 15 minutes straight. Awesome.

I could go on but you get the idea. I am quite sure our oddball baby isn’t the only one out there. Yours is a weirdo too right? Tell me all about it and spread the joy…



One thought on “The Oddball Roundup

  1. Lemon cake did the first two things you mentioned in your blog. He thought it was hilarious to cover himself in a cloth and kicks around like crazy. We have videos of it too haha

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