Would you do it?

Everyone is a bit under the weather, Lemon Cake has no camp for the rest of the summer and we are still in the midst of looking for tenants to rent our home so we can go through with mortgage on our new home; this will be a short post. Anyways, Daddykush’s friend is a producer for a home and garden show “House Hunter Renovation”. She has asked us if we would be interested on a show like that since our new home would need renovation done. I think it would be very exciting but also very stressful especially with two small children. It would be 8-10 shooting days in total that need to take place on weekdays, which means Daddykush would need to take time off work. We would need an on-site sitter (we don’t have a sitter) and also somewhere to put the kids for 8-10 hours a day for days that kids are not in the shoots (we don’t have that either). As exciting as it sounds, I don’t think this will be feasible for us. Would you do it? Do you know anyone who has done it?


4 thoughts on “Would you do it?

  1. I would do it in a heartbeat! This is a time when you reach out to your friends – and enjoy the moment! You could have your renovation experience for your family (to the relief of Daddykush, Lemon Cake ) to view for years and years!!! And trust me, the renovation would not take nearly as long as if you do it yourselves! Go for it!!!

    • Thank you for the encouragement! We will do our best. I get stressed out easily =( All our friends have young children so I do not feel good imposing upon them. I would love to do it too. Will keep everyone posted if we can move forward with this!

  2. Understanding the serious short term inconveniences… I think I’d probably do it as well… renovations are VERY expensive and take a long time, so if those costs are mitigated or even removed entirely then 2 weeks is not that long a time… I’d say go for it!

  3. that’s true… everyone i talked to have told me to go for it hahaa =) It is awesome and the price to pay is probably only 1-2 weeks of major stress

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