Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

So it’s that time of year again. That time when I indulge one of my personal obsessions and pore over statistics, strength of schedules, coaching changes, and list after list of players… It’s football season! This year I am playing in three leagues.

Right now it’s the middle of Draft time. For each league I will sit at my computer and pick my team with the other league members and this process takes several hours per draft. Because I’m a dad who takes the family into consideration, I’ve managed to schedule all three drafts after the kids are asleep.

Draft time is like Christmas morning for me. It’s magical and exciting, before the games start and your guys get injured and you lose by one point because somebody got tackled on the one yard line without getting into the end zone. A couple days ago before my first draft, I was sitting next to Red getting psyched up in preparation. I turned and asked her if she was as excited as me. “No.” she replied, “I hate football season. It sucks.”

That’s another way to go I guess. I understand her point of view. I obsess, stare at my phone too much.. Way too much. Get angry. Yell at the TV.. You know, the usual. Unfortunately I gotta go. I have more research to do… Two drafts down and one to go. And yes, my teams look awesome so far. Thanks for asking.


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

    • haha… I definitely own my obsession. I’m a bit crazed about it. I try to schedule around family activity, and I don’t get 9 hours of football sunday anymore.. but I’m not sure that was too healthy anyways… well, not entirely sure 🙂

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