It’s Official

It’s Official. We are moving on Sunday 9/8. After a long and frustrating search, we found tenants for our current home the day before the deadline for our mortgage. They are a lovely couple with two girls about the same as my kids and also a small well trained dog. We have been packing every chance we get. We have replaced our nightly “sit on the couch watching a show” to “packing + a short twenty minute show”. I have mother’s helper and a sitter lined up so I can pack, get random things done and make phone calls. My awesome in-laws are coming Thursday afternoon to Monday evening to help with the move. It is a stressful and exciting time.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to go with the house renovation show. The timing just doesn’t work as they need to film us at our current home mostly unpacked two days before we move. Ah well… it’s just not meant to be.



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