*&%$#@ Allergies

We just learned yesterday that baby Rose has food allergies.

She is officially allergic to….drum roll please….eggs…milk…peanuts…and tree nuts! An impressive list, huh?

Given I’m nursing, I’ll be avoiding these items as well and to be honest, the list of what we can’t eat is long and I have no idea what we CAN eat. Rose’s diet as an 8 month old is pretty limited already especially when we pumped the breaks on introducing new foods until we figured out more about her reactions. Now we’ll continue to introduce some new things, the poor girl will get sick of sweet potatoes at some point! As for my diet, that feels like it will be a tad tricky but since getting the news, I’ve found some basics (black rice, bananas, and oatmeal) that don’t have the offending ingredients and I can already tell this will be a diet that will help me get back to my pre-baby weight (that my friends, is what we call a silver lining).  

I started the effort of sorting through our fridge and pantry to get rid of what we can’t have and that task seems daunting alone. I’d say I’m 10% through and already have 3 full bags to give away. And I’m looking forward to spending a good couple of hours at Whole Foods this weekend to find some products that are safe for us (lots of fruits and veggies!). Right now, I am totally overwhelmed by it all. But…I know I’ll learn a lot over the next week and we’ll figure it all out but I must say, it is surprising how many foods have milk and eggs in them. Boo.

I’ll be cruising the allergy blogs to get some tips but if you happen to have any suggestions….please let me know, I could use all the help I can get!



2 thoughts on “*&%$#@ Allergies

  1. Don’t be too discouraged. There is a very high chance for a child to outgrow dairy and egg allergy. Nuts/peanuts not as likely but I know one of my friend’s three year old outgrew either peanut or treenuts allergy. Lemon Cake is allergic to all nuts and peanut, chickpeas and salmon!

  2. That stinks. So sorry!! Lucy has officially outgrown her egg allergy and I’ve known children who have outgrown them all. Having said that a blog called theartofdessert was a fave and has many allergen friendly and vegan recipes.

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