Packing and Memories

As we pack, reorganize and purge, we are encountering so many objects/pictures/papers we haven’t seen in ages. I have kept the pregnancy tests results (yes I kept pee sticks) for both Lemon Cake and Baby Banana somewhere in a drawer under the bathroom sink.

Lemon Cake was very much planned. For one reason or another, since I was such a control freak, I wanted to make sure I was going to get pregnant with Lemon Cake within the time frame I planned for. I measured my body temperature, found out when I would ovulate, I was charting…etc. I will spare you all the details. You might think I was crazy, but besides serving the purpose of getting pregnant, I gained so much knowledge about my body. It was a valuable experience. We were fortunate and got pregnant within a few months.

Baby Banana on the other hand, while we did want a second child, was a complete accident. We had just started talking about maybe getting pregnant again but also waiting just a bit longer. I was still nursing Lemon Cake a few times a day, he was about to start a part time toddler program, he still had pretty severe eczema but had slowly started to outgrow it, and we were about to do some renovations in our home. One weekend morning in April, the three of us went to a neighborhood park together. I was swinging on a swing and felt a sudden nausea. I never get nauseous on swings. Then to my slight horror, I realized I was five days late. We drove to a nearby pharmacy so I can get a pregnancy test. While Daddykush and Lemon Cake ate lunch in the kitchen, I went into the bathroom and found out I was pregnant with Baby Banana. As I spent a few more minutes with a pregnancy calculator, I also found out that it was very possible for them to have the same birthday. Baby Banana’s due date was set at two days before Lemon Cake’s birthday. Luckily, she came a week late.

While it has been crazy busy packing, Daddykush and I have both enjoyed looking at old pictures, cards we gave to each other, and planners from previous years. It was surreal to look at my high school pictures and pictures of past relationships. The bonus was an oil painting I had done several years ago of a naked woman. I painted her green, she was a bit out of proportion, and I put yellow polka dots as background. It was horrendous and we threw it out this morning with the trash.

Next week today we will be in our new home and Lemon Cake will be starting his new school! More adventures to come.


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