Vegans –Tell me Your Secrets!

OK, so it has been a week since we learned about Rose’s allergies to Milk, Eggs, Peanuts & Tree Nuts and as expected, it is starting to sink in. And in MumsySus fashion, I’ve been aggressively pursuing information, resources and kindred spirits.


I’ve made some progress and I thought I’d share some of the highlights of the week with you:

  • This great blog with a helpful overview of what happens to the body during an allergic reaction: Knowledge is power people!
  • A private tour around Whole Foods (Hingham) with their healthy eating expert to taste test various milk alternatives (oatmeal, rice, soy, hemp…) among other things, and to learn about what the egg and milk free world looks like. (Turns out that world does exist!)
  • Feeding my old fashion meat & potatoes husband barley and millet and him enjoying it (even after learning what it was).
  • Finding allergy-free chocolate chips. That was a critical early purchase…phew!
  • Learning coconut isn’t a tree nut – yay for non-soy milk alternatives
  • Getting support from friends near and far. That really helps and feels super important right now.
  • An excuse to try new yummy recipes (spring risotto with shrimp &  jambalaya were this week’s winners)
  • Husband making egg and dairy free bread from scratch. Swoon.
  • Seeing little Rose’s skin glow even more now that our diet is free from these allergens
  • Hearing about this cool documentary that airs tomorrow (great timing!) on the discovery channel to help us all understand what these allergies are all about – and why they are so stinking prevalent now. An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America. The hour-long documentary is narrated by Steve Carell.
  • Realizing that red wine is on the safe list. THERE IS A GOD.

There were some low-lights but let’s skip those for now. TGIF!



2 thoughts on “Vegans –Tell me Your Secrets!

  1. thank you for sharing! Both our kids drink coconut milk regularly. I was worried that Lemon Cake was allergic to coconut but turned out it was ok for him

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