We moved to our new home on Sunday. In terms of moving with two small kids in tow, it could not have gone smoother.In-laws here to help and honestly no way we could have done it without them. They took the kids all day on moving day and half a day the next day. Movers arrived on time and finished task efficiently under budget. We have been eating a lot of take outs and the house is starting to look less cluttered. My favorite features of the house are the sliding glass door at kitchen that leads to nice backyard and a “secret hide out” place in Lemon Cake’s bedroom. My least favorite parts of the house are the dishwasher that is situated across from the sink, and the shower stall on the first floor looks very shoddy (like a prison shower). Both kids have adapted relatively well to all the changes. Lemon Cake started his new school this morning, Daddykush is figuring out a way to commute to and back work in the city effectively, I am figuring out all the closest parks, libraries, and grocery stores in the area, and Baby Banana is just very busy exploring her new space- namely up and down the stairs multiple times and going between backyard and house.

Have you had any big changes recently? Was it a mix of stress and excitement? Would love to hear about your experience.


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