Beware of asking their opinion

Kiki’s fourth birthday is fast approaching and I am in the process of planning her birthday party.

We are very fortunate that our neighbors, who have 4 kids and dozens of local nieces and nephews, actually own a bouncy house.  And not a little bouncy house.  I’m talking about the big bouncy house that they have at carnivals.  We share a yard with our neighbors and they have told us that we can use the bouncy house any time we want to.  Bouncy house in the backyard + cake + friends = instant 4th birthday party.

I was trying to keep her party theme simple since we’re just having her close friends over, and really all the attention will be on the frog-faced bouncy house.  So I suggested to Kiki that we just decorate with her favorite colors.  She had been telling me for a while that her favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple.  I can work with that. I’m picturing balloons, streamers, and food all in her favorite colors.  Simple and cute.

I pulled up a website the other day with balloons and asked Kiki which color pink she wanted.  She then proclaimed that she wanted red.  Oh and NAVY.  Oooo and YELLOW!  Navy?  What 3 year-old likes navy?  I tried telling her that that was really too many colors and she needed to stick our original of just 2 or 3 colors.  She said, “ok.  Red, navy, and yellow.”

Crap.  Red, yellow, and navy are so not as cute as pink, purple, and blue.

I try to reason with her.  “Honey, I’m not sure what to do with those colors.  I wanted to have foods that are the colors you picked.  I can think of yellow and red food, but I can’t really think of any navy foods,” I tell her. She thinks about this for a minute.  “I know!  Blueberries are navy!” she exclaims.

Crap.  She’s right.  Blueberries are totally navy.

I should have known better than to ask her opinion.  She would have been more than happy with a pink, purple, and blue party if I had just gone with it without consulting her.

But  I’ve decided to make the most of it.  We’re going to Disney World a few weeks after Kiki’s birthday (her first visit!) so I’m going to make it a Disney party.  I can keep it cheap by using the plethora of Disney toys my daughter owns as table decorations and I can still totally use her requested red, navy, and yellow for balloons.

Alright, I’m off to make myself feel inferior by getting some party ideas from Pinterest!


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