The Music of Fall

It is a rainy Friday here in Massachusetts with fall settling in, apple picking trips being planned and parents breathing a sigh of relief that their kids are back in school. The fun chaos of summer has ended and the scheduled routines of September are preparing us for fall and winter and beyond. I for one love the change of seasons. Sure it is sad to see the pool covered up but we are rewarded with beautiful trees and rich breezes. We’ll miss our blooming flowers and green bushes but we love seeing the silhouettes of our trees just as much as their full leaves. Of course with a little one who is experiencing each month for the first time, the fall will be even more exciting as we introduce her to red and orange leaves, pumpkins, costumes and eventually snow.

 Seeing our communities settle back into a routine is nice and makes everything more predicable for us. One routine I miss a lot since going back to work, is the regular mommy/baby class with Rose. But we found a Saturday music class that starts tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how Rose reacts to it all. We’ll see some familiar faces there including some of Rose’s first friends who happen to be the cutest babies in the south shore. Like most babies, Rose loves music and already has a few musical instruments in her arsenal (including a custom mini-piano from her musician father). We are so proud of her rendition of “God Save the Queen” and she always enjoys watching her dad play the piano. We hope this has prepared her for the class, as excelling in each and every class from the beginning is essential, right?

Just kidding…we’ll go easy on her. Just seeing her do everything new is exciting and watching her interact with other babies is just the cutest thing. I anticipate this class will be as entertaining for the parents as it will be for the babies.

I call it baby TV….just watching them is entertainment! And coincidently, my favorite channel.



Rose and Daddy Duet


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