Catch Up

Let me start by apologizing for not having posted in awhile. Life, you know? I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’re a parent, or you know parents of young children, and so you do know.

I have a proposal for Starbucks: offer each parent of a child under age 5 one free tall drip coffee a week. It would be easily implemented, so greatly appreciated, and would bring them more business in the end, I’m sure.

We have a lot going on lately, and my almost 17 month old has rebelled against us with her decision to stop sleeping. She was doing great, and then we moved, and then we took her on a 15 day vacation, and then we came back to a “new” house and it has been a rough few months in the sleep department for me. Hence, the coffee.

My nearly four year old started preschool again (three mornings a week this year) and I am nannying another 17 month old three days a week. It’s been really great having a playmate around for my younger daughter and I’ve enjoyed having a reason to shower and get dressed in the morning!

Our new house needs a lot of work and we spend nearly every single second of our free time working on it because a number of the projects need to get done before winter. My life seems void of downtime lately and so I might actually be excited (gasp!) for our first camping trip that we have coming up at the end of the month! Don’t get too excited, though. We’re staying in a yurt which has heat and electricity so I know many of you camping aficionados would call that “cheating.” But, if my husband wanted me to go at all, we had to not be sleeping on the ground. That’s where I draw the line.

But we’re going to be on the beach and very near the Oregon Aquarium so it should be fun! If nothing else, we won’t be able to do any house projects that weekend, so that will be good!

And, this family is already knee deep in the Halloween planning! My oldest is going to be Glinda, her sister will be Dorothy, I will be the Wicked Witch (so fitting!) and my husband will be either the Scarecrow or the Lion! Halloween is my favorite holiday!

I promise to post pictures here 🙂 What are you going to be?


One thought on “Catch Up

  1. We seem to be in similar stages. Just moved, sleep issues and working on the house! Lemon Cake will be batman and Baby Banana will be monkey (old costume from Lemon Cake!). We don’t usually dress up- yes I know… lame.

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