Woah. I’m totally a mom.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are struck by the realization that you are actually a parent?  I mean, it’s been almost 4 years and I’m with my daughter all day every day, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now.  But there are times when I hear something come out of my mouth and I think, “Woah.  I’m totally a mom.”

Some quotes make me laugh.  Some make me smile.  And some just make me cringe.  But they all make it glaringly obvious that I am a MOM.

“Ok, you two, finish your game and then you need to come inside for dinner!”

“Um, did you just put a raisin up your nose?”

“Don’t forget to use soap when you wash your hands.”

“Yes you can have a cookie..after you finish your broccoli.”

“I realize that your friend’s mommy said she could do it, but I’m sorry, you still can’t.”

“Can you try asking that again using a calm voice and polite words please?”

“I already told you.  Not right now.  And if you ask me about it again, you won’t be able to have it at all today.”

“You know better than that.”

“There is no reason to be yelling right now.  Please use your inside voice.”

“Excuse me young lady?  What did you just say to me?”

I actually just managed to use 3 of these phrases during a 15-minute errand to CVS.  What do you find yourself saying that makes you feel oh-so-parental?


6 thoughts on “Woah. I’m totally a mom.

  1. I have said many of the things you said- maybe not exactly verbatim but very close =) I have also said “because I said so” even though I swore I would never say that haha

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