I mentioned last week that our younger daughter has been having some sleep “issues.”  Because she’s our second child, we’re aware that the sleep patterns of children under the age of five are going to change.  Period.  There will be good times and there will be very, very bad times.

We moved recently and took a very long vacation and so her sleep got “messed up.” Last week was so, so bad.  One night she was up at 1:38am and never really went back to sleep.  Needless to say, at 1pm the following day, while she was napping, I “made” my older daughter play on the ipad for 2 hours so I could get some shut eye.  I had operated a vehicle that morning and I felt like I was driving under the influence because I was THAT tired.  That was the worst night, but the other nights weren’t much better.

Of course, things seem to be on the up swing with her (I am literally knocking on wood right now) and so of course we’re headed to the Oregon coast for two nights this weekend!  I’m sure next week will be fun again!

So, in the middle of all of her sleep shenanigans last week, one night I went to bed at 8:30pm to try to get some hours in before her middle of the night scream fest.  As I walked by the door of my older daughter, she saw me because she was still awake and she followed me into my bedroom.  I chatted with her while I brushed my teeth and did my night-time routine and then I was going to tuck her back in.  I was so very tired and I just wanted her to go to bed.  But, she was desperately and repeatedly asking me if she could sleep with me (my husband was still up and in the other room and had no idea any of this was going on).  I finally relented and put her in bed with me.

She has, of course, slept with us many times before in the last (nearly) four years of her life.  And I’m not one to care if my kid sleeps with me…IF they sleep and I can sleep.  This is not the case with her.  She doesn’t sleep and you don’t sleep either.  We’ve tried it a bunch of times and always get the same result.  She lightly touches you, she strokes your hair, she changes positions 18 million times, she wants the covers on, she wants the covers off, and on and on.  So, we were in bed for about 10 minutes and no one was sleeping.  I always try to tell her that she needs to “lay still” and “close her eyes,” but that night I thought I’d try a different tactic.

I said, “Honey, why do you want to sleep with mommy tonight?  Are you scared of your room?  Do you feel a little icky?  Is something wrong you want to talk to me about?”  Silence.  “Sweetheart, maybe if you tell mommy what’s going on with you then we can fix it and you can go back into your bed so mommy can go to sleep.  Are you okay?  Do you need a stuffed animal in there with you?  Is your nightlight too bright?”  Silence.  “Baby, you need to tell mommy what’s going on and why you want to sleep in here because mommy is so super tired and we both need to get to bed…why do you want to sleep with mommy tonight?”

Then she says….and I quote…”Mommy, I just want to sleep with you because I love you so much.”

And so, of course, she got her way.


2 thoughts on “Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

  1. hahahaa! I love the idea of co sleeping but I can never sleep with my kids- the lightest sounds wake me up and I just end up being miserable =)

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