Big decisions up in here

There is a pretty big decision I need to make in the coming weeks. It will be one that we, as a family, will live with for at least a few hours one evening…but the photos taken will extend that experience well into the future and well beyond our neighborhood. The super-big-critical decision of course is what little Miss Rose will be for her very first Halloween. Big, right?

I am torn between a few adorable costumes we’ve gotten as hand-me-downs including a ladybug and an elephant. Both turn her into a stuffed animal which is pretty much the most adorable and scrumptious thing in the world. But, there is an internal debate I’m having that I’ll give you all a sneak peek into. The inner crafter in me (the one with no time or skill constraints) thinks I should make her a costume. I really want Rose to be the kid with the home-made costumes instead of store bought. That teaches resourcefulness, creativity, and how to be embarrassed around your friends…all important life lessons!

These catalogs are showing up at our house with $60 costumes for babies that are beautiful and everything but COME ON. Where is the fun in that? Where is the imagination? I could see buying a few props but kids should assemble it themselves with maybe mom or dad helping, right? This idealist side of me wants me to find a few hours to spend experimenting with some felt on the sewing machine to see what I can come up with. She will only have one first Halloween so there is a lot riding on this. The pressure to start the traditions from the get-go is growing! I mean…how can I convince her when she is 10 that she has to wear her mom’s black dress to be a witch instead of buying one from the costume store without sharing a tale about the work I put into her first cape in the wee hours of the night? Wait, that sounds like a guilt trip which isn’t the intent but I think you see where I’m going.

I really hope I can do it. I think a home-made little Red Riding Hood might be a great first costume (picture her dad as the wolf). Actually, Rose’s grandma is visiting in October so maybe I can put her to work on this… who is more appropriate to help Red Riding Hood than her Grandma?

If all else fails, maybe the ladybug can save Little Red Riding Hood.



3 thoughts on “Big decisions up in here

  1. Not enough to do!! Many moons ago in the days of 6 munchkins anxiously awaiting their homemade customs for trick or treat day, the last costume came out of the sewing machine only to realize the infamous cat outfit was now a skirt!! No legs!! With a few short hours remaining the Ripout began!! Halloween was a success, however the children did take control of their costumes from that day forward. Moral of the story—great way to teach independence. Also store bought always sounded fantastic to me!! Moms are not perfect nor do we want to be(long way to fall from the top of the ladder.) Happy Halloween to all from the Grandmama

  2. I know someone who made her daughter the MOST adorable acorn costume from felt (I think). I was seriously envious. I have no skills either =)

  3. I think if you have the skill and the time, then go for it. I think that’s awesome. The only costume I remember from when I was little was when my mom
    handmade me into an Ewok. Kickass move, Mom. She always made our costumes and then when I was old enough, I came up with my own.

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