Searching for the perfect diaper bag

I have come very far in the search of the perfect diaper bag. When I was pregnant with Lemon Cake, finding a trendy yet practical diaper bag was a top priority. I even got Daddykush a guy diaper bag (mistakenly thinking we have time and space to take care of two diaper bags) so he wouldn’t look weird with a girly looking one. Anyways, here are some pictures to show the progress of diaper bags before Lemon Cake, during, when I got pregnant with Baby Banana and after.

I wish I could find a picture of my very first diaper bag but I couldn’t. It is not a coach leather bag but the style is very similar. It weighed about 10 pounds before I even put anything in it. Maybe it’s for people who don’t have to carry it often or rich enough that someone carries it for them. Here is the separate bag I got for Daddykush:


Within a few months, I realized my mistakes. I purchased this one, which I absolutely loved and used for a long time (not exact same color, mine was a dark gray):


I got pregnant with Baby Banana and started the search for a good diaper bag for two babies and a more practical diaper bag suitable for both me and Daddy kush to use. Honestly, I don’t know why I bother sometimes. Daddykush would go under the bathroom sink, whip out a wrinkly plastic bag, shove two diapers and a case of wipe in it and call it his diaper bag. I am happy to not be seen with him during those times.  I then got this one:


I really liked this bag. Stylish, urban, unisex…etc. However, on my barely 5’2’’ frame, the bag looked like it was about half my size. So, I returned it and got this one:


It is very practical. Nothing exciting. Matches with any color clothing. It gets the job done. As Baby Banana gets older and more mobile, and turning into a much more active, agile and strong willed toddler than I had ever anticipated. I needed something even less cumbersome and easy to have on me when I run around chasing them or taking them on longer stroller walks. I never ever thought I would go this path, but I realized, with silent horror, that what I really need is a back pack.

 So, reluctantly, I got this one:


 I do love the practicality of it. It is sometimes inconvenient to get stuff out of it but I love not being able to constantly adjust it or hurting one shoulder. I just have to not think about how it looks on me or that it makes me look like I am ten.

One day, I will carry a stylish bag again.




2 thoughts on “Searching for the perfect diaper bag

  1. This hit me where it hurts. Are you saying at some point my designer bag won’t be sufficient and I will have to chose function over fashion? NOoooooooooooooo!

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