Sundays with Little Miss

On Saturday I spent the afternoon dorking out over a very long boardgame that takes 5-6 hours to complete… no I didn’t win, but many thanks to Red who handled a full day with both kids.  Little miss junior has a cold, so she’s cranky, whiny, and wiping her dripping face on any surface within range… preferably whatever clean shirt we just put on.  So on Sunday morning I offered to take big sister out to the Science Museum.

I used to take her to the Children’s Museum almost weekly when she was smaller.  It was a thing we did to give mommy some time off on the weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We haven’t been back to the children’s museum that much this year, when Little Miss Junior got sick, it wasn’t the best venue for her, given all the children and interactive exhibits. In that regard, we have spent more time at the Museum of Science, which LM enjoys very much… partially because they have a gift shop full of toys to peruse, but also because she’s growing up, and the exhibits have become more interesting for her over time.

So on Sunday I packed up a backpack with snacks, water, fruit and we were off to the Science Museum.  It really pays to hit these museums EARLY on the weekends.  We rolled in shortly before 9:30am and the parking lot was still mostly empty. My little three, turning four-year old really is in the midst of a transition.  She’s no longer a toddler, but she’s not far removed from those days.  She used to show up wide eyed and excited at the museum, just eager to experience everything… Now it’s fun, but different.  She actually engages with the exhibits… she asks questions and you can see her learning.  She thoroughly enjoyed moving a 3d render of a scan inside the human body, showing the skeletal system and the brain inside your skull.  She was transfixed by a light exhibit that explained how you can only see light when it has something to reflect off of.

We bypassed the gift shop altogether en route to the Planetarium for a 30 minute showing of Big Bird’s “Adventure in the Stars”.  Little Miss is quite the talker… most days she wakes up talking and stops talking moments before she falls asleep at night.  Today was no different.  So a dark planetarium show can be a bit of a challenge for LM when it’s time to be ‘listening’.  She was very excited to loudly shout, “Big Dipper!” when queried by the giant Big Bird projected on the ceiling.  The room was full of small children, so her constant chatter was hardly out of place.  As I watched her explore the museum on Sunday, I could literally FEEL her growing up.  Quite honestly, this makes me a bit melancholy for the toddler days, and pure joy over popping a bubble.  In the middle of the Planetarium show LM leaned over to me and asked, “Is that the REAL Big Bird daddy?”

Ok, so maybe she isn’t all grown up just yet… and that’s fine by me.  Take your time LM.  Take all the time you need.


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