My First Parenting Workshop

I had just come home from attending my first parenting workshop offered at a local library. The title is “When Your Kids Push Your Buttons.” Lemon Cake was giving us hell for about two weeks (not right after we moved but about a week after we moved). He was testing boundaries constantly, dramatic reactions to everything and everything was a struggle. He would flip out because his milk was not filled up to a certain level, getting out the door to school was a screaming protest, not finding a lego piece became a crisis…etc. While rationally I knew the reason was because of all these changes in his life- new school, new home, new sleeping space and new routine. He was having a hard time having to drop Daddykush off at bus stop first before heading to school.  He is also suddenly afraid of monsters in his room. While I was a teacher and read plenty of books on mindful parenting, I was not a calm parent during those two weeks. I was exhausted and stressed from moving and was so incredibly frustrated with him at all times. Just because I know it was normal for a 3.5 year old to act out and seek control during times of changes didn’t make the day to day challenges any easier.

I decided I need to do something about how I react when I get angry or annoyed with Lemon Cake. While I knew many of the facts and pieces of knowledge shared at this workshop. It was different to hear it from a person and very reassuring to see many other parents dealing with similar struggles on different levels or issues. Some of the examples and stories shared by others were incredibly powerful and insightful. I am hoping it will better prepare myself for Lemon Cake’s next phase of defiance.





One thought on “My First Parenting Workshop

  1. It is nice to hear that you’re not alone in trying to keep your cool when your kids are misbehaving. I am doing a lot of time outs for my 2yr old – spitting, biting, wrestling. .super fun!

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