Once Upon a Time….

Some of my favorite perks about being a parent are that you get to spend so much time playing with toys, acting silly, interacting with other babies, and reading wonderful stories. These are things I’ve missed over the past 25 years while I worked hard at acting like a grownup. One of the most remarkable things I’ve been appreciating is the sheer volume of children’s books out there and I’m so pleased that it is such a thriving industry. Just this week I learned about a board book for babies with food allergies – isn’t that awesome? I gotta get it.

When we first started getting books for Rose, we were drawn to the books and stories we recognized from our childhood. The traditional stories families have been reading for longer than I’ve been around….like Peter Rabbit and Rumpelstiltskin. Early on, when we first started incorporating story time into Rose’s bedtime ritual we began with those. And as my husband read the story, I looked over my infant’s head at him and would make shocked expressions about the terribly scary elements in the stories. I still feel a little sad when we play with the Jamima Puddleduck  stuffed animal because I think about that rude farmer that invited her over for dinner and asked her to bring savory herbs and onions 😦


I’m happy the more modern books have more pleasat and tame story lines and the artwork is sometimes alarmingly beautiful. My favorite remains The Crown on Your Head by Nancy Tillman but I’m pretty sure everything she is involved with is impressive.


Her most popular book is On the Night You Were Born. Older ones are still fun though, we just got I am a Bunny by Richard Scarry on the recommendation from my good friend MumsyJillian and we love it! We are enjoying our visit from my stepmom who brought a really beautiful book for Rose, Old Turtle by Douglas Wood (Author) and Cheng-Khee Chee (Illustrator). I’d never heard of it but it has such a lovely message and is filled with gorgeous watercolor images.

There are so many good – no AMAZING books out there. I’m enjoying stumbling across new ones to add to our collection all of the time.   

Feel free to share your favorite and we’ll check it out at our favorite local independent bookstore this weekend.

Happy reading,



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