Conversations With My 4 Year-Old: Entry 1

Getting in the car after getting her flu shot….

Me:  Wow Kiki I am so impressed with how brave you were   You didn’t cry or anything.  I didn’t even hear you say “ow”.

Kiki:  I did say “ow”.  I just whispered it.

Me:  Oh, well I didn’t even hear it.  You were super brave.

Kiki:  You know what I’ve decided Mommy?

Me:  What’s that baby girl?

Kiki:  I don’t like needles.

Me:  Yeah, I hear ya on that one.

Kiki:  I don’t like the part when they, you know, poke into your skin.

Me:  Well, yeah.  That part isn’t very fun.  But at least it only hurts for a second.

Kiki:  Yeah, but I think next year I just won’t get a flu shot because I didn’t really like it.

Me:  Well I know you didn’t really like it.  But a flu shot is good to get because although it hurts for a second, it helps to keep you from getting the flu.

Kiki:  What’s the flu again?

Me:  The flu is a sickness that makes you feel really bad.  It makes you really tired, makes your tummy hurt, and basically just makes you feel really icky.

Kiki:  Well I’m still not going to get the flu shot again.  I’ll just make sure I don’t get the flu.
Sounds like a sensible plan.


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