A Weekend Away

Hubby and I just got back from a weekend away and we got some nice R&R.  Lucy and Vera got spoiled rotten by their CoCo and Pop-Pop (no joke – she has about 15 new toys and she ate more sweets in one weekend than she does in two weeks time with us).

Knowing the girls were well cared for we were able to do some real relaxing.  There were massages and whirlpools, hikes and yoga.  The most amazing part for me was three meals a day prepared for me with organic and healthy ingredients.  When I was finished eating my delicious yet healthy meal I put my dishes on the tray and my tray on a little tray conveyor belt.  Every time I slid my tray on and watched it carousel to the kitchen I thought, “I gotta get me one of these.”  For you see, my friends, one thing I did not calculate about becoming  a mom was simultaneously becoming a maid.

As many of you know I am constantly doing laundry, washing dishes, making food, cleaning up after the dog, wiping faces, picking out clothes, brushing hair, keeping track of who needs socks, who needs underwear, who needs diapers, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning up after the dog again because she sheds that much, switching out seasonal clothes, saving and organizing clothes LMJ has outgrown, meal planning, grocery shopping, going back to the grocery store to pick up whatever one essential item i forgot, sanitizing bottles, and the list goes on.  Happy to have a break from this cycle I was newly grateful for the wonderful people who did all these chores this weekend.  I didn’t think 48 hours would be enough time but then on Saturday night we called to check in and Pop-Pop put the phone on speaker.  I said, “Hi Lucy” and the cutest, small but big-girl voice had a conversation with me.  She sounded so grown-up but definitely with that little girl voice that reminds me how new she is to the world, relatively.  From that moment forward I looked forward to a big hug from both my girls knowing all the chores and housework would come with it.  It’s always nice to come home.

Off to do bath, jammies and bedtime – then get ready for work and do some chores.  Happy Sunday to all!





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