It has been over a month since we have moved into this neighborhood and we are finally feeling more settled. Emerson is thankfully passed his transition phase. He loves his school and wants to talk about school every night before he goes to bed. We have also gone on one afternoon play date with one of his school friends.

I have been lamenting to Daddykush that while we met a few neighbors, we almost NEVER see them even though I know there are kids around. I think it’s the “everyone has a backyard” factor. Some of the kids around here are also older so they have school all day. On Saturday afternoon, just as I was leaving with Lemon Cake to a harvest fair nearby, a woman stopped by with her daughter with a plate of chocolate chip cookies as a welcome to the neighborhood gesture. I was so touched and happy. It helps that the chocolate chip cookies are truly excellent. Daddykush has been going on and on about it, making me feel just a tad bit inadequate with my chocolate chip cookies. I found out they have two daughters 4.5 years old and 8 months old and they live across the street a few houses down. We ended up with a spontaneous play date on Sunday afternoon at their home in addition to another neighbor and her 6 years old daughter joining it. It was a blast. They also had a small bouncy house and a brand new swing/slide set in their backyard. Most importantly, we got along with the couple and conversations flowed easily. I look forward to trick or treating in this neighborhood.

I suppose this is not a particularly interesting post. More like an update of our adjustment to new neighborhood. We have started on our two months long basement renovation. I hope it will not be too stressful.

Next week I will try to post about a few fascinating playground observations I made about Lemon Cake!


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