3 Minutes of Wisdom

LMJ turned 1 on Saturday!  Happy Birthday to her!  It’s been quite a year and I wish I had longer to write this piece but I literally have 3 minutes, and then 20 minutes to get ready for work.

I made a little speech at LMJ’s first birthday party.  Like this blog, it was short and sweet, thanking the people in the room for all of their help and support this year as well as stating my gratitude for LMJ’s current vibrance and health.  Lastly, I thanked LMJ for teaching me what life is all about in such a short time.  I posted something similar on my FB feed and I would like to share it more in depth.  It, too, is short and sweet.  Here is my life lesson from LMJ:

Slow down.  Spend more time being quiet with the ones you love.  My children and husband are more important than anyone else on Earth to me.  If you need help – ask for it.  There are people who will lend help and won’t judge the asking.  In moments of acute stress or panic stop, breathe and look around you.  Usually, if you are as lucky as me, everything in the moment is OK.

Well, there you have it.  My 3 minutes of wisdom from a one year old.  I’m trying very hard to hold onto it as she grows into a healthy little toddler.




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