It’s all about the money

We had the chance to go to the World Series on Saturday night.  Our flights were booked, our babysitter (Grandma) had flown to our house, and we had a free place to stay in St. Louis.  The problem?  We didn’t end up getting the free tickets we’d hoped for and so we had to buy our own tickets if we wanted to go.  (And for those of you wondering, we booked flights on Southwest so that we could cancel them and get a credit.)

Well, ONE standing room ticket was going to cost about $400…and we needed two of them…so, $800 minimum.  Add to that the fact that I am not even five foot tall, get cold very easily and have to pee every 1.5-2 hours…I’m not really cut out to stand at a baseball game for 3-4 hours.  So I kind of wanted an actual SEAT.  Now we’re talking $500 for ONE of the WORST seats in the stadium and $1000 total.  Geez.  $1000 is a lot of flippin’ money!  So, in the end, we didn’t go and we got a credit on Southwest that we’ll use to fly to the Jersey shore for our family vacation in July.

But my husband is a huge Red Sox fan and he really, really wanted to go.  He said, “We always find an excuse not to do stuff like this.”  And that’s true, we do.  We try to be very frugal whenever we can because there always seems to be so much we have to spend money on.  We haven’t even done one major repair to our new house and it needs many, MANY major repairs.  We have saved no money for our kids to go to college.  Not one cent.  We are both still paying off some super steep student loans from our own college days.  And on and on and on.  So we don’t tend to do things like go to the World Series when the tickets alone are going to cost a grand.

But there is a part of both of us that knows you only live once and that your whole life could end tomorrow.  I keep thinking about how much salt would be thrown into the wound if something happened to my husband anytime soon.  I would so totally and completely regret our decision to not go.  I would ask myself over and over and over why I didn’t just spend the money (I mean it’s only money, right?).  I would have to live with it forever…and ever and ever.

Deciding what to spend money on and what not to is such a huge, hard decision.  We really want to do something “big” for our ten year anniversary in 2016.  But I also really want to take our girls to Disney sometime in the next two years.  Oh, and P.S., we have to spend thousands of dollars every time we want to see any of our family because we live so far away from them.

I know I’ve kind of rambled my way through this post and I thank you if you’ve read it all the way through!  I guess my point is that we certainly cannot afford to do everything we want to do in this life and I find the picking and choosing to be so incredibly difficult.

All I know is that I’m rooting for the Sox to win the series so I don’t feel so guilty!


One thought on “It’s all about the money

  1. We just went through a similar dilemma trying to decide whether or not to visit our family in Texas for Christmas. “It’s so much money!!” “But its family!!!” And so on. We ended up buying tickets. I basically think you have to prioritize and decide that some things really are just worth it. We have a goal of taking a vacation abroad for every 5th anniversary (coming up in 2016). After buying a house its really tempting to start putting money into that instead…..but we’re trying to be firm and really commit to doing it, because if we start getting derailed by other material things now, we will never ever go.

    I say “material things” because, of course, there is sending your kids to college, which kinda trumps all :).

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