Pssst. I have a secret.

Maybe you figured this out on your own or maybe your parents have been telling you this since you told them you were pregnant but to me, it is NEWS.

Did you know that parents are just handlers that keep the children nurtured between grandparent visits? It’s true. That is our sole function and there is something else.

Our parents (the aforementioned grandparents) actual know a thing or two about kids.  Yep, I know. It’s blowing my mind too.

October was pretty damn awesome in our house as we had visits from two of Rose’s grandmothers (a third visited through Skype). We wish the grandfathers could have joined in the fun but the grandmas provide enough love and enthusiasm to fill our house. I’ll never get sick of seeing people I love, love little Rose. It is something I’ll be smiling about until the end of my days. And the glow that comes over Rose’s grandmas when they are with her is really heartwarming. They REALLY love her. And she REALLY loves them. I don’t blame them, these are pretty awesome people I’m talking about but it is still a gorgeous scene.

I also love how these women always manage to teach me something, make every day life things so much more fun and somehow manage to be a grandmother to Rose and a mom to me all at the same time. WHILE having fun, cooking us food, and miraculously doing loads of laundry too (I never saw the laundry being done but piles of folded clean clothing appeared in our closets with pixie dust floating off of them….) It was a good month indeed.

At one point as I watched my mom empty my dish washer while simultaneously making baby food and writing a shopping list it occurred to me. This is exactly what I hope to do for baby Rose one day. If I’m lucky.



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