Conversations With My 4 Year-Old: Entry 2

In the car on the way home after a busy morning….

Me:  Kiki, I think we should watch a movie when we get home.

Kiki:  Yeah!

Me:  Sweet.

Kiki:  Tell me what movie you want to watch Mommy and I’ll make it happen.

Me (laughing hysterically):  Did you just say you’ll “make it happen”?

Kiki:  Yep.  So what would you like to watch?

Me (still laughing): How bout Toy Story?

Kiki:  Done.

Me:  You’re hilarious, sweetheart.

Kiki:  I know.  But I’ve actually just decided I’d rather watch a tv show than a movie.  Sorry Mom.  Maybe you can watch Toy Story next time.


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