Both kids are home today

Husband is home from work today to have a daddy/daughter day. How cute is that? He printed off maps of new hikes to go on and has a long list of adventures and activities that will fill their day. I don’t blame him for wanting to squeeze in some one on one time with our little bundle. She is so fun, cute and growing and changing so quickly I think we are both trying to soak up as much time with her as possible. If there was a pause button, we’d be hitting it now just to cruise a little bit with our pre-walker who waves with gusto, giggles easily, plays with her books on her own regularly and always looks thrilled to see us. I know things will keep getting better but it is so hard to picture it being any better than it is RIGHT NOW.

So we are milking it. Reading that extra book before putting her down. Building in extra time for her to play in the bath. Leaving work early when we can. Taking a break during chores to play an impromptu game of peek-a-boo. And trying to take a million photos and videos to try to capture the miracle of each and every moment with this little rascal.

So husband gets to spend the day with her and as tempting as it is to sneak downstairs (I work from home on the 3rd floor) to see what they are doing and to squeeze in a cuddle. I’m giving them their space. I know how precious this time is for both daddy and daughter.

Well maybe I’ll just pop down for a minute…. 



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