So – this is what has been going on in my life this week:  PRESCHOOL DRAMA!!  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  LM, who is 3 going on 15, is in a classroom with a teacher that I am not thrilled with.  Since the first day of drop-off I had a “not so great” feeling about the greeting.  No one welcomed her, said good morning, guided her to an activity, etc..  I guess my little baby is growing up, I chalked it up to; it is time to be more independent in school.

Come my first work morning (it is a parent cooperative and we all take turns spending time in the classroom helping out and supporting our children).  Said teacher (from now on called T) has a very uncomfortable interaction with a little girl fiddling with her necklace during circle time.  In my humble opinion, which some respect as experienced in early childhood development, fiddling with a necklace is an APPROPRIATE 3 year old tool to help one sit still.  T admonished the behavior, in a shaming approach, and when the little girl cried she was ignored.  What would you do?  Address it?  Talk to T?  Talk to the director?  Tell the other parent?  What if you were friends with that other parent?  What if you weren’t?

Well, I did what I thought was right and we moved forward.  LM would complain about T – “I don’t like T”, “T is mean”.  This is unusual sentiment for LM.  Though never an eager beaver about school she has liked most adults in her life.  Nevertheless, she enjoyed her friends and didn’t complain too much.

Fast forward to last Thursday.  LM comes home VERY behavioral.  After a lot of talking she communicates that T had grabbed her face and “smooshed” her cheeks while reprimanding her for hitting another boy on the playground.  She added that he “holds her down to be still” at naptime.  When asked if he does this to anyone else she names another child in the classroom.  Now what?  What would you do?  We took necessary action and had her classroom switched.  T admits to both those actions, though sees no problem with the behavior.   Now there are questions from other parents.  What would you say?  Would you be open with friends?  What about other parents in the classroom?  What about the other child LM mentioned?  Do you tell his parents?  What if you are good friends with them?  What if you don’t know them at all?

This has been a most stressful week.  A week full of questions, ethics, and action.  At the end of the day, we all just have to do what we think is right, right?


2 thoughts on “PRESCHOOL DRAMA

  1. I think you absolutely did the right thing. Is there a reason he is not fired or at least reprimanded in some ways at the job? maybe more teacher training or something? I would also tell my good friends if their kids are in the same class. I might not take the initiative to tell other parents I don’t know but if I were asked, I would tell them. I am sorry. Very stressful indeed.

  2. I would definitely have spoken up in both instances as you did. As for sharing with other parents–that’s tough. It’s hard to decide what the line is between just sharing your opinion and “talking trash” even if all the “trash” is true. Sorry you’re going through this. How is the new classroom going?

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