Preschool Logic

My husband used to make fun of me for trying to reason with my daughter.  I would try to calmly explain to her why it was just plain illogical for her to be having a temper tantrum about the fact that I wouldn’t let her hold the steak knife.  It was a steak knife, after all, and she was just 2.  It wasn’t safe and she had no good reason to be holding the steak knife.  Bewilderingly, my pleas for my daughter to listen to logic were not heard.  She would continue to fuss even in the face of indisputable evidence that the fuss was not necessary.

I’m happy to say now that Kiki has entered into a new phase of her life where logic reigns supreme.  Ok, maybe not supreme, but at least it’s now considered.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.  It comes in particularly handy when I’m trying to get my daugher out the door.

Me:  Kiki, we need to leave for preschool.

Kiki:  I don’t want to go.  I want to keep playing.

Me:  I know, but if we don’t leave now then you’ll be late for circle time.

Kiki:  I don’t mind if I’m late for circle time.  I want to play a little more.

Me:  Ok, but last time when you were late for circle time you missed your teacher giving out jobs for the day and you didn’t get a job.

Kiki:  Hm.  I do really want to be Bell Ringer.  Maybe we should go.

I’m totally taking advantage of appealing to my daughter’s new sense of logic but she is also taking advantage of appealing to mine.

Me:  Kiki, we need to leave for gymnastics.  (side note:  have you noticed that most of our battles have to do with leaving the house?)

Kiki:  I don’t want to go.  I want to play for a few more minutes.

Me:  I already let you play for as long as possible.  If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late for class.

Kiki:  Mommy, all you do is sit and watch the class.  I’m the one who actually does the gymnastics.  So if I don’t care about being late, then you shouldn’t either.

Wow.  Ok.  Fair point.

Her more mature brain also means there aren’t as many easy outs for me any more.  She calls me out on things all the time.

Me:  Would you rather go to family swim this afternoon or to the playground?

Kiki:  Both.

Me:  We can’t do both.  You need to pick one.

Kiki:  Sure we can.  We go to family swim first and then to the playground because playgrounds don’t close.

Boom.  You’ve been logiced, Mommy.

Even though logic abounds lately, there are times when Kiki reverts to her old irrational ways.  This usually happens when she is hungry or tired.

Kiki:  Mom I want a snack.

Me:  Sorry sweetie, I don’t have one with me in the car.  You’ll have to wait til we get home.

Kiki:  But I’m hungry and I really want one.

Me:  I understand that, but I don’t have one.

Kiki:  But I’m huuuungrrrry.

Me:  I hear you but honey I don’t have one.  Complaining about it isn’t going to make a snack magically appear.

Kiki:  But I wannnnnntttt onnnnne.  I’m sooooo huuuunnnngrrry.

Me:  Please sweetie.

Kiki:  I want a snnnaaaaaccck.  I can’t wait.  I want onnnnnne noooowwwwww!!!

Boom.  You’ve been preschooled, Mommy.


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