The quirky ones are the best ones

Little Rose’s quirkiness, or personality I should say, is starting to shine stronger than ever these days. As she crawls towards her first birthday more of her preferences and habits are coming out. Her parents have unique and strong personalities so none of this is a surprise. In fact, it is a riot. Getting glimpses into what makes little Rose tick is my new favorite thing to look for and observe each day. So far, they include:

  • Her favorite food is butternut squash. LOVES it. I mean, really REALLY loves it.
  • She is most often seen scooting around holding her socks. Socks. She is obsessed and finds them somewhere and holds on to them whenever possible.
  • Suspense. She will giggle at anything that is delayed from the previous rhythm. It’s how she gets her kicks.
  • She already has some sweet dance moves which she will display when particularly proud of herself for walking, standing or dropping food on the ground.
  • All she wants to do lately is read. Surrounded by books, leafing through them and talking to herself. Occasionally she’ll let us read some of the stories to her but most of the time she prefers solo-reading.
  • Crouching to look under furniture. As though there is often lots of activity under there. But she looks so cute in the downward-dog-crouch. I love it.
  • Open mouth kisses. The sloppiest and sweetest gift we can’t get enough of.

I’m sure most of these things are quite common but I’m thinking the socks thing is fairly out there, right? Anyways, we don’t care. She is unique and special and hilarious. She must take after her mother….


One thought on “The quirky ones are the best ones

  1. So FUNNY when Rose wants her “dooies” and crawls/walks with them crunched in her little hands! I remember her mother sleeping with Lots of books piled around her(so the knowledge just flowed from the books into her her)! And look what she has accomplished in life. Reading is the BEST! With such a special Mom and Dad guiding her Rose can accomplish anything.

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