Happy Friendsgiving

Happy Friendsgiving everyone!  For anyone unfamiliar with this term…Thanksgiving + Friends = Friendsgiving.  🙂  We celebrated our first Friendsgiving last year when the exorbitant holiday airfare and the proximity to Christmas travel plans left us deciding to stay in New England for Thanksgiving.  Luckily we had some good friends who had made the same decision and were very excited to host Thanksgiving dinner at their house.

So on Thanksgiving morning last year, Kiki and I went to town with our potato mashers making buttery homemade mashed potatoes.  Then we packed up the pumpkin bread that we had made the day before and our family headed over to our friends’ house.  We were greeted at their house by the delicious aroma of beef tenderloin.  Our friends are vegans and decided that if they’re going to have meat, they didn’t want to waste it on turkey.  They really wanted to make beef tenderloin instead.  Hey, if they want to serve us delectable cuts of red meat, who are we to argue?

Kiki and her good friend Anna proceeded to play and gorge themselves on appetizers while the adults prepped for dinner and drank wine (and gorged ourselves on appetizers).  Then we gathered at a table overflowing with food and enjoyed our meal.  And once the kids got antsy we put on a movie for them to watch while the adults lazily finished our meal and then cleaned up.  Once all the dishes were cleared we put on our coats and took a leisurely stroll to the playground and enjoyed the crisp November day.

On the half-mile journey in the car back to our house, Hubby and I decided that we would be doing this again next year.

We love our families, of course, but it was so relaxing to just be here with our friends.  We didn’t have to pack.  We didn’t have to get to the airport.  We didn’t have to worry about making sure we split our time fairly between my family and his.  And did I mention we didn’t have to pack?

I’m so excited to be celebrating our second annual Friendsgiving today.  This year we’re adding a British contingency to our group.  We have some good friends who moved here last December from London who will be celebrating their first Thanksgiving with us.  We’re excited to introduce our friends to the gluttony that is Thanksgiving.

Whether you are celebrating with friends or with family, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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