A Family Adventure

We like an adventure!  The whole family just came back from Los Angeles and it was a wild success.  We learned a lot about traveling with two young children.  I know several people (one who blogs on Monday for us J) who have traveled solo with two kids.  Kudos, my friends, kudos to you.

Here are some of the travel tips I have to offer:

–          Load up on Media.

–          Carry on lots of plastic bags, some Ziploc.

–          Carry on a change of clothes for everyone.

–          Be ready to face screaming baby (some for 2 hours – that’s right 2 hours!).  Especially on a long flight.  You are not responsible for everyone else’s feelings about two young children – everyone was a baby at some point – so don’t feel guilty!!!

–          Food, food, food.  Think substance with the ease of snack food.

–          Go to bed early every night.  You have no idea when those kids are going to wake up.  For us, LMJ was up one night at 1:30, 3:30 and 5 for the day.  Awesome.

–          Let your child have the opportunity to pack their own choice of toys, if possible.

–          Find out where the nearest grocery store is.

Please comment and give me your choice travel tip


One thought on “A Family Adventure

  1. I bring some paper and loads of stickers and we decorate cards for the people we are visiting. That gives us something to do until we can bust out the iPad. Then it’s movie time. We have some great kid headphones (Kidzgear I think) that are perfect for the plane. I also always pack snacks that take a while to eat – apples, lollipops, etc.

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