Socks & Underwear

I literally think that there is a part of the female brain that is devoted to socks and underwear that cannot be found in the male brain.  I think it can lie dormant, or be an imperceptible difference, until there are children.

Dad-E is as involved as a father gets while not technically having the role of stay-at-home parent.  I spend more time with the girls and do more organizing, cleaning, dressing, and housework because I work part-time and then I am home part-time and home management is a large part of stay-at-homedome (as far as I’m concerned).  Nevertheless, Dad-E always does one, if not two bedtimes.  He is on from the moment work is done and he visits during the day to say hi, change a diaper, dry some tears (LM’s, LMJ’s and mine!) and we co-parent on the weekend and any time off.  He definitely does dishes, laundry, and some straightening from time to time.  He changes many diapers.  He grocery shops.  He is a pro – no two ways about it.  But I am positive that he has never, not once, bought either child a pair of socks or underwear (Vera is still in diapers, he pointed out to me when I was talking about this blog topic with him).  I also think he’s never even thought of it.

I, on the other hand, marvel at how many socks LMJ (my one-year old) has and how LM (my almost 4 year old!) never has any!  You know the myth that socks conspire in the washer or dryer?  One of the pair agrees to take off while the other stays.  LM’s socks are like that exponentially.  It is also impossible to find socks in her size.  Target sells out of them so fast.  When I find socks in her size I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot and proceed to hoard them in my cart.

While the underwear thing isn’t a numbers problem I cannot seem to keep up with how many pairs she goes through at daycare.  She has come home in underwear that has never belonged to us more than once.  One pair I’m sure were entirely new but the other pair just looked like they got jacked from another kid’s cubby.  Kind of gross but I couldn’t keep up with the number of times she “peed on herself a little bit while going to the bathroom.”  She has done this at home so I am familiar with the behavior.  I think it’s unintentional but the point is I couldn’t rotate enough underwear into that joint for a little while.

As you can tell from my multiple paragraphs on the subjects at hand, there is most certainly a part of my brain devoted to such things.  I don’t even like the fact that this domain belongs to me but I believe intrinsically, it does.  So, Dad-E, you are off the hook.  I pledge to be in charge of the girls’ socks and underwear from now until they do it for themselves.


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