LM is watching BRAVE.  It is the end of a long holiday break where we have spent a bunch of time with family and friends.  There arestill even a couple of days coming up but I go back to work tomorrow and LM back to school on Thursday.  Wake-up times will be pushed earlier and life will resume.  That’s good too.  It is good to have a rhythm to break so that you can appreciate that break even more!

So, Lucy is watching BRAVE and Dad-E and I are enjoying the opportunity to not pay direct attention to one or both children.  Actually, he’s paying bills and I’m writing this blog.

I was upstairs for a minute and when I came back down there is a folded up piece of paper towel on the table.  It has letters on it.  DULTHOO.  I look at LM and say, “Is this a note for me?  Dulthoo?” And she says, “Turn it over”.  I turn it over and very carefully written out is Lucy’s first word other than her name.  LOVE.  I said, “Love?  Lucy, you wrote love?”  And she replied, “I wrote love?  I wrote that for you.”

I am very lucky and I have done something good in this world by bringing her into it.  LM is a source of very pure love and that’s an invaluable contribution.  Believe me when I tell you that I know her well – all of her strengths and areas to strengthen.  I know that she can be passionately obstinate at times.  Everything about her is passionate.  I think, for the most part, I see her as who she is.  I’m probably tougher on her than most people.  But I know for sure that she has a very special heart and an ability to love that is admirable.

So, baby, I recorded this story for you.  I love you too – so much.


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