Parenthood Lately

It’s Sunday.  It’s Sunday already and Sunday again.  I am just going to do a snapshot in the week of parenthood:

LM is a very passionate soul.  She has definitely continued to develop her sassier side and I have gotten a lot of sass lately.  Today, as a natural consequence, we didn’t go ice skating as we had planned.  We are entering a new phase of, “how do we deal with this behavior?” and it’s unchartered territory for us.  She has started to behave in a certain way for a certain period of time until she gets what she wants and then she is back to sassing it up.  Longer term consequences may or may not make sense to her – I don’t know.  We are having a treat-free week so we will have to see how that goes.  I hate to be a consequence monster but she has responded really well to the limits today.  I believe she (and all kids) needs them.  It’s hard though.

LMJ has been so super sick L  Her blood work is great (phew) but she’s been feverish for 5 days now (high of 104.0) and we’ve been to the doctor, the hospital, and the doctor again.  We’ve switched antibiotics and once again we find ourselves in a position we never were with LM.  I am sure she is fine and she just has a bad ear infection and virus, but it’s difficult to be in this place given what we’ve been through with her.  I never even knew how healthy LM was, or how grateful I should be.  She’s barely ever gotten a fever and then never over 102.0.

In any case – that’s parenthood this week.  I look forward to hearing about yours!


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