Pleasant Days

Some days as a parent are just painful.  Your kid wakes up at 6 am and is in a foul mood from the start.  They whine and complain about absolutely everything.  They have a five alarm meltdown because you poured their milk into the Mickey Mouse cup instead of the Rapunzel cup.  You know you’ll need some adult back up today but none of your friends are free for a playdate and your husband has to work late.  So it’s just you and your 4 year-old oppressor ALL DAY LONG.  You try to get some housework done, but your kid is not having any of that.  You suck it up and make some toys talk, but your kid keeps getting irritated because you aren’t making the princess say exactly what they wanted.  So you decide to head to Target in hopes that an outing will eat up some time and maybe get your kid out of their funk.  It doesn’t.  You’ve just brought the grouch out in public so now you have an audience while you deal with their meltdowns.  So you head back home, defeated.  You get home and look over at the clock with hope in your heart only to have those hopes crushed when you realize that it is only 3 o’clock.  HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO MAKE IT UNTIL BEDTIME?!?!

Luckily though, other days as a parent are just pleasant. Your kid sleeps til 8 and wakes up singing.  They’re agreeable and pleasant and downright funny.  You tell them they can have chocolate milk with breakfast only to realize that you’re out.  You brace yourself when you break the news only to have them respond with a, “that’s ok mom.  We can get more at the store next time we go.”  And when you tell them you have to do the dishes before you can play with them, they ask if they can help you so you can be done sooner.  Once the dishes are done you provide some witty repartee for the princesses and your kid thinks you are hilarious – a true comedic genius that incites belly laughs.  Then you have a playdate with a friend and the kids play so well together that you and the other mom can just sit on the couch shooting the breeze for hours.  Then you head home for some quality cuddle time with your little one while you watch one of their favorite movies.  You glance at the clock and can’t believe it’s already time for dinner.

Fortunately I have been having a lot of pleasant days lately.  Kiki’s been in such a good mood.  She’s been the kind of cheerful that is contagious.  She plays nicely with her friends and even handles it well if her friends aren’t playing nicely with her.  We’ve got a nice routine to our week that she and I are both happy with.  We have a few good friends that we have playdates with regularly and we’ve really been enjoying spending that time with our friends (hers and mine).  Hubby has been working from home a lot, so he often gets to have lunch with us which is something that Kiki and I both look forward to.  But even on days that Hubby’s not around, Kiki has been so polite and kind and joyful that it’s truly enjoyable to spend the day with her.

Granted it’s not been all just sunshine and dandelions.  There have been some painful moments too – not listening, being sick, having a case of the grumps, rudeness, and 2 am wakings.  But overall the pleasantness has certainly outweighed the pain.

I’m feeling pretty lucky these days.  I’m loving my family and loving my life.
Here’s wishing that your painful days are few and your pleasant days are countless.  🙂


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