Things I no longer enjoy now that I’m a mom…

A snow day – As a kid I LOVED snow days.  I would watch that little ticker at the bottom of the tv screen just waiting for my district to show up.  And when it did, it was better than Christmas.  Then as a teacher I loved snow days even more.  Nothing beats a surprise day off of work.  But now as a parent, I dread my daughter’s school being closed for snow.  When I see her district listed under closings, I seriously feel like I’ve just been robbed.

Crime dramas – I have never been a fan of horror movies.  But I did enjoy a suspenseful crime drama now and then.  But now that I am a mom, I can’t stand them.  All they do is stress me out.  I spend enough time worrying about my daughter getting hurt on the playground that I really  don’t need to watch a show that makes me worry about her getting abducted from our front yard.

Long car trips – Hubby and I used to live in The Midwest and it would take us about 8 hours to drive to The South to see our families.  Although an 8-hour car trip was certainly not my favorite thing in the world, Hubby and I made it kinda fun.  We’d get a book on tape that we both liked, stop at the gas station to stockpile our favorite snacks, and hit the road.  Now that we have Kiki, an 8-hour car trip means loads of kiddie music, bags of goldfish, and praying that we’ve timed our travel right so that she might actually fall asleep for at least part of the trip.

Making fun of my mom for almost peeing her pants – I used to lovingly tease my mom when she had to run to the bathroom if we made her laugh too hard.  Now that I’ve had a baby and I find myself running to the bathroom if I do too many jumping jacks at the gym, I can’t make fun of my mom any more.  I was the fourth baby that she gave birth to.  So now when she tells us to stop making her laugh or she’s gonna pee her pants, I don’t laugh.  I apologize for doing that to her body.

A slight hangover – After partaking in one too many glasses of wine, it used to be kinda fun to have a lazy day the next day to shake it off.  The best cure for a slight hangover was sleeping in, getting greasy food and a coke for lunch, and laying on the couch watching tv all afternoon.  You know what’s not the best cure for a slight hangover?  Being woken up at 6:30 in the morning by your 4 year-old who immediately starts demanding that you play this fun jumping game that she just made up.

Is there anything that you used to like that you no longer enjoy now that you are a parent?


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