Snow Day

So far today we’ve gotten about 10 inches of snow.  Yep.  10 inches.  The snow hasn’t stopped long enough for the plows to clear it all out yet, so school is closed and we’re homebound. Last week in the town where I’m from in The South, schools were closed for 4 days because they got almost two inches of snow.  Yikes!  Fortunately up here in New England the snow plows will do amazing work tonight once the snow stops falling and we’ll be back to our regular routine tomorrow.

I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this snow day.  I know I’ve said in the past that snow days aren’t really something I enjoy any more now that I’m a parent.  But they can actually be a lot of fun if you just embrace them (meaning don’t try to actually get anything productive done).

Kiki and I played 5 rounds of her favorite board game after breakfast.  Then we spent about 45 minutes snuggled on the couch reading books.  Next, we raided the craft supplies.  I had some cute Valentine’s projects that I wanted to try out before our playgroup’s Valentine’s Day party next week, but Kiki is always more interested in making her own “projects”.  Give the girl some colored paper, scissors, and glue and she’s a happy camper.

After lunch we layered up and headed outside.  Luckily it was right at 32 degrees, so the temperature was bearable as long as we were bundled up.  Our 8 year-old and 11 year-old neighbors came out to play in the snow with Kiki and they all had a blast.  There was snow diving, snow angels, an epic snowball fight, and a 6-foot tall snowman.  Ok, I may have had a blast too.

After two hours I had to drag Kiki inside because I could no longer feel my toes.  Then we cozied up under some blankets and watched The Incredibles with hot chocolate and popcorn.

It was the perfect snow day.

It’s only made more perfect by the fact that school is on for tomorrow.  God bless you, New England snow plowers!


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