Conversations with my 4 Year-Old: Entry #3

Around Christmas time in the car when we spot a decorated tree in our town square….

Me:  See that ribbon on the top?  Isn’t it pretty?

Kiki:  Yeah but why don’t they have a star?

Me: Some people put stars on top, some put ribbons, and some put angels on top.

Kiki:  Angels?

Me:  Yep, when I was little Nana had a angel for the top of our tree.

Kiki:  Was I there?

Me:  Nope.  It was before you were born.

Kiki:  Was I in your belly?

Me:  Nope it was before you were even in my belly because it’s when I was really little.

Kiki:  How does the baby get out of your belly?

Uh oh.

Me:  Um.  Well they just come out when they’re ready.

Kiki:  Yeah, but how?  I mean your belly is made of bones and stuff so how does the baby get out?

Me:  Well…(totally stalling while I try to decide how to respond).

Kiki:  Does it come out of your mouth?

Me:  No.  You know that opening in your lady parts (yes, I call it her lady parts)?

Kiki:  Yeah.

Me:  That’s where the baby comes out.

Kiki:  Does it come out when you go potty?

Me:  No, it…

Kiki:  Ha!  Just kidding.  I know a baby doesn’t come out when you pee.  That would be weird.

Me:  You usually have a baby at the hospital with a doctor to help.  You were born in a hospital.

Kiki:  Was I scared in the hospital?

Me:  No, probably not.  You were too little to really understand what was going on.

Kiki:  Oh.  Ok.  Can I have a snack?

Deep breath.


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