Flying Time

Time literally feels like it is flying.  LM turned 4 and we celebrated in classic over-the-top, all-in-good-fun, she-deserves-it-because-she’s-such-a-good-kid Crim fashion.  Thanks to all who joined us by wishing her a Happy Birthday, calling, sending a note or gift, and/or coming to one of two parties 😉  Now that she’s four, and LMJ is a full-blown toddler, time seems like it’s slipping away.  In an effort to control this passage of time I come up with creative ways to slow time down (What if I stop working?  What if I pull LM out of daycare? What if I just give them something that will keep them this age forever but also give me the joy and privilege of watching them grow?)  None of these, of course, is a real possibility.  I love my job.  LM thrives in daycare.  And I’m fairly certain the existence of the aforementioned pill does not exist.  So, I apologize for my brevity, but I have to join my daughter running and dancing around the living room while watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates because I have to indulge these moments now.  Have a great week


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