I’m sitting here at 5:15pm, smack in the middle of the worst part of my day (4pm to 7pm in case you were wondering…) and listening to my kids dump bins of toys out onto the floor and laugh with utter glee.  It’s not quite late enough for me to be in the kitchen putting the rice on for dinner (since that only takes 20 minutes) and I’ve already let them watch their fair share of television for today.  So I’m sitting here listening to the mess being made and thinking about how I am going to have to spend my time (and worsen my back pains) later picking up all those toys.

Yes, yes, yes we make them “help” clean up.  That’s so ridiculous to even say.  You all know that you do at least 85% of the work, maybe more.  My general rule is to let them play all morning and not pick anything up, and then we “clean up” before lunch.  The same thing applies in the afternoon and we have a large, whole family cleaning frenzy before the bedtime routine starts.  Every night.  Every damn night.  Many of these nights, I am the only adult in the house since my husband works A LOT, and so I pick up so many toys.  Oh so many toys.  And I have for four and a half years.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a control freak and a very orderly, neat, clean person and so I like things the way I like them.  That boils down to me literally not being able to handle the toys being halfheartedly picked up by the kids or my husband.  Which means that I clean up many more toys than a mom who is more laid back than I.  I wish I could be that way, but it’s just not in my DNA.  So, when I hear the dumping sound of toys, it makes my skin crawl because I know I’m going to be hunched over in the very near future picking up the colossal mess.

I need to find a mom who is a massage therapist so that I can babysit for free for her so she can give me free massages in return because, let me tell you, four and a half years of picking up toys has really taken it’s toll on my back.  And I see no end in sight.  Any takers?


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