A Good Kid

My daughter is a good kid.  She has a genuinely kind heart.  I’ve known this for a long time but her kindness was highlighted for me recently one afternoon as we talked.

Kiki came home from school and declared that she wanted to make a card for a boy in her class named Raymond.  Let me tell you a bit about Raymond.  When Kiki first started school this year I asked her about all of her classmates.  When I asked her about Raymond, she told me that she didn’t really like him too much.  She said that he didn’t share his toys and that he didn’t do a great job listening to the teacher.  She told me that he would just go right up and take other kids’ toys and so she didn’t think that was very nice.  So when I was asked to help in Kiki’s class one day when they were short-staffed, I was interested to observe Raymond for myself.

I noticed that Raymond had an assigned seat beside the teacher in circle time and that he needed a lot of extra direction from the teacher.  He had a lot of trouble sitting still and waiting his turn to do things.  He would speak out of turn and had difficulty sharing toys.  His challenges went beyond normal 4 year-old struggles with sharing.  Kiki’s teacher commented to me, “you’ve probably noticed that Raymond has some behavior challenges and some impulse control issues that we are trying to manage”.

So back to Kiki’s recent request.  She told me that she wanted to make a card for Raymond.

Me:  That’s nice.  Is it his birthday?

Kiki:  No.  I just want to make him a card.

Me:  Ok.  Why?

Kiki:  I want to make him a card that says, “Raymond, you can be any way you want to be and I don’t care.”

Me:  That sounds really nice.  Were you guys talking about people’s differences today?

Kiki:  No.  It’s just something I’ve been thinking about.

Oh sweet girl.  I hope that your heart is always as purely and unabashedly kind as it is right now.


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