#1 Mom

We all have days as parents when we feel like we just aren’t getting it right.  I’m happy to say, that today was not one of those days.  Today I’m feeling like I really earned that #1 Mom coffee mug I might get on Sunday.  Here are 10 reasons why today I rocked the Mom gig.

  1. I got my daughter dressed, fed, and to school on time.
  2. I took my daughter to two different playgrounds for lots of fresh air and exercise.  And we walked to the grocery store.
  3. I helped my daughter make cards for her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.
  4. I had lots of undistracted conversations with my daughter today including one in which we discussed what might happen if you picked up an ant and threw it really high into the air.
  5. I was patient ALL day.
  6. I pushed my daughter on the swing when she asked me to even though she is fully capable of swinging completely on her own.
  7. I read books to my daughter for an hour and a half straight.
  8. I managed to get my daughter to eat multiple servings of fruits and vegetables with no fuss.
  9. (This one is HUGE and almost NEVER happens) I made it through the entire day without tv time.  She didn’t even notice that she missed her tv time.
  10. I did all of this on my own because Hubby is out of town.

There are always things we wish we did better, but don’t forget to take time to celebrate all the little things you do right.  Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!


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